About Us

Athi Steel is one of the largest steel making business in the East and Central Africa region and our brand “ATHI STEEL” is recognized as a symbol of STRENGTH and QUALITY.

Athi Steel’s journey has been full of challenges but the management have used the challenges to spur them to greater heights.  The challenges have included dealing with a site with no infrastructure and occupied by wildlife to having a ship carrying raw materials, plant and machinery hijacked by pirates.

Athi Steel produces a large range of products for use in the construction and automobile industry.

After the recent expansion of its plant, Athi Steel boasts one of the largest steel making capacity in the region.  We have the capability to serve the largest of the infrastructure projects being undertaken in the region.

Athi Steel is committed to producing consistently high quality products and has invested in “state of the art” testing equipment to ensure that.  Athi Steel’s products have been awarded the “Diamond” Mark of Quality by Kenya Bureau of standards and the products are tested at Government and Private laboratories on a regular basis.

Athi Steel aims to improve the livelihood of people in the region by providing the backbone required for the infrastructure development in the region. And since people are ultimately attracted to their homes… ATHI STEEL is the… HOME of STEEL

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