About Us

Athi Steel’s tale began on a 5 acre plot of land in Athi River, 30 kms outside Nairobi, the Capital of Kenya. The early 1990s presented tough conditions in the harsh and demanding land, with hot temperatures, no infrastructure, roads, electricity, water or mode of communication. With nothing in sight for miles, lions, monkeys and zebras were the only adversaries. The sponsors set up the steel plant with the vision to establish themselves as the largest steel plant in the region. Operations started as a steel smelter in 1998 with a single furnace. The journey had started , and Athi Steel began to establish its reputation as a manufacturer of quality steel. This was the beginning of a dream with no boundaries. Athi Steel’s growth story has been nothing short of an adventure with challenges ranging from being confronted by wildlife to pirates hijacking a ship with raw materials, plant and machinery on the high seas. Embracing every challenge, Athi Steel has grown from its 5 acre 19 employee operations to an establishment spread over 30 acres of land and a workforce of over 800 employees. The installed capacity has increased manyfold and 15 years later, Athi Steel is one of the leading Manufacturers of Quality Steel in the region. Athi Steel is driven by the philosophy of producing safe, sustainable and quality steel products. Athi Steel produces steel to international standards and has been awarded the Diamond Mark of Quality by the Kenya Bureau of Standards. Our chemical, mechanical and physical testing labs are equipped with the latest equipment and stringent quality checks are carried out at every step right from the entry of raw materials to the dispatch of finished goods. Our capabilities extend from producing reinforcement bars, structural steel, cold rolled tubes and profiles, galvanized steel, wire products, fasteners,casting foundry products, spring leaf assembly and industrial gases. Athi Steel has invested significantly in “state of the art” technology to streamline production and ensure quality output. We not only manufacture steel products but provide complete building and value added steel solutions. This ranges from the cutting and bending of reinforcement steel, galvanizing, fabrication works for towers and masts and high quality cement distribution. Athi Steel aims to improve the livelihood of people in the region by providing the quality and strong backbone required for the infrastructure development in the region. And since people are ultimately attracted to their homes. ATHI STEEL is the HOME of STEEL

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