About Us

  1. Quality Assurance and Product Safety

    Ensuring that we produce finished products of the highest quality has always been at the core of Athi Steel’s business and is directly attributable to the Company’s success.The Athi Steel name represents a promise to the customer that the product is of a high standard.

  2. Leadership and personal responsibility

    Our people are the backbone of our company. We treat each other with respect and dignity and expect everyone to promote a sense of personal responsibility.We recruit competent and motivated people who respect our values. We provide equal opportunities for their development and advancement.We have a zero tolerance policy to harassment or discrimination of any form.

  3. Financial Reporting and Standards

    Athi Steel’s books and records will reflect all the company’s transactions and disposition of assets accurately and fairly. The Company’s prepares and maintains its accounts in an accurate and fair manner complying with internationally accepted accounting and financial reporting standards.

  4. We value honesty, high ethical standards and compliance with laws, rules and regulations.

  5. Equal Employment Opportunity

    Athi Steel is an equal employment opportunity employer. We have a strong commitment to equal opportunity in the workforce and believe in treating people with dignity and providing equal employment and advancement opportunities for all.

  6. Health and Safety

    Athi Steel seeks to provide a clean, safe and healthy place to work. All employees are expected to observe all safety rules and practices and to follow instructions concerning safe work practices.

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